Paradise Lost – Genesis 3 – Draw Bible Stories Project

Paradise Lost Story (Genesis 3)

Truth Garden – fruit tree & flaming sword – Let me tell you a story about how evil entered our world. Adam and Eve lived in Eden Garden and walked with God.

Clever Deceiver – snake & people – Satan, Hellfire’s Dragon, visited Adam and Eve. He lied to them, saying they could become gods by knowing good and evil.

Absolute Failure – eaten fruit – God withheld only one thing from people: the Good & Evil Knowledge Tree. Adam and Eve believed the devil and rejected God.

Blood Sacrifice – altar, animal, knife – As punishment, God cast them out of Eden. God made work hard and child-bearing painful. God made clothes for Adam and Eve out of animal skins. He promised future salvation.

Storytellers Sight

  • Why did God withhold the Good & Evil Knowledge Tree from Adam and Eve?
  • Do you think Satan led the rebellion in heaven before or after God created humans? Why?
  • What were some emotions Adam and Eve felt when they realized they had sinned and were naked?
  • How did God feel watching his creation reject him?
  • What’s the most important part of this story to you?

Storyteller Discipleship

The following activities will help you remember the story, apply wisdom to your own life, and tell the story to others.

  • Pray. Listen to the story. Draw the story.
  • Tell the story with the drawings.
  • Draw your own pictures to illustrate the story.
  • Pray and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal wisdom in the story.
  • Pray. What is the Holy Spirit asking you to do next?
  • Go and tell the story to someone. Discuss the story.
  • Disciple others to become Spirit-filled storytellers.

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