Tunka Valley Prayer Video

Please enjoy this one hour prayer video featuring some of the many names of Yahweh. All the videos were captured by an iPhone 7S in Arshan, Tunka Valley, Siberia. This video is our first production in a new project of Blazing Trees called Digital Sanctuary. We will be developing peaceful videos for relaxation, spiritual renewal, […]

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Glory Canopy Video

>> Click to Watch << So many people do not understand what’s happening in the spiritual realms while they live their lives within the earthly realm. Isaiah 4 helps us see God as a glory canopy that covers and protects us, shades us from heat, and shields us amidst increasing spiritual warfare. Let’s keep seeking […]

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2018 Blazing Trees T-shirts

>> << We have created a great v-neck summer t-shirt. Colors: black, charcoal, navy, & white  This promotional campaign features our 2018 logo in our first t-shirt printing ever! We invite you to get a shirt for yourself and gift one for a friend. Every shirt includes a $2 donation to support our mission work. […]

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Four Noble Truths & Eightfold Path

  One of our companions and advocates, Kumar Goshen, lives in India. He reached out to me two months ago requesting that I take a very complicated evangelism resource, the Lawyer’s Method, for Buddhists and simplify it for the Orality Bible project.  Please discover the original training guide that we adapted from Jay Pratt’s website:  […]

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Night Watch Prayer Video

Night Watch Prayer Heavenly Father, the night is here. We confess that we need you, we depend upon you for safety and protection tonight. Lord, you are our Blazing Fire, keeping me and my loved ones safe in the darkness according to your Word in Malachi 3:2. “But who will be able to endure it […]

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2018 Easter Stories

2018 Easter Storyteller’s Guide Jesus Resurrects Lazarus Story (John 11:1-57) Sketch #1: Empty tomb – This sketch is the story logo. This miracle story is about Jesus resurrecting a dead man out of Sheol. Sketch #2: Dead Man – This sketch illustrates the first part of the story where Lazarus becomes sick and dies. Jesus […]

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