Yahweh’s Creation Story – Genesis 1 – Storytellers Bible Project

Yahweh’s Creation Story (Genesis 1:1 – 2:3)

Storytellers Notes

Yahweh Speaks – throne, speaking king, stars – Let me tell you a story of how God created everything. Yahweh made the stars, planets, earth, light, and dark.

Skies & Seas – mountain, ocean, fish, birds – God made the skies and seas and filled them with birds and fish.

Land & People – fruit tree, animal, man & woman – God filled the land with animals and fruit trees. He made man and woman and told them to care for his creation.

Resting Creator – resting king & lounge chair – God saw all that he made was good after creating for six days. He blessed the seventh day and made it holy for rest.

Seven Creation Days

  1. Universe, earth, day, and night
  2. Skies
  3. Land, oceans, and fruit trees
  4. Sun, moon, and stars
  5. Sea creatures and birds
  6. Land creatures, livestock, and humans
  7. A special, holy day for rest

Storytellers Sight > What is your favorite creation day? What do you notice about the order of God’s creation?

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