Baptizing Feet Story – John 13 – Storytellers Bible Project

Baptizing Feet Story (John 13:1-20)

Storyteller Notes

Outpouring Preparation – cup, water, bowl – Let me tell you a story about how Jesus demonstrated his love for his disciples. Jesus was preparing to die on the cross. At dinner, he poured water in a bowl to wash their feet.

Astonishing Humility – Jesus, disciple, chair, bowl – Jesus knelt beside each disciple, washing their feet.

Reject Or Receive – disciple, bowl, dividing line, praising disciple, bowl, pouring water – Peter didn’t want Jesus to wash his feet. Jesus told him to receive his blessing with joy or become separated from him.

Chosen & Blessed – Jesus, glory light, pouring water – Jesus said his true disciples will be humble and love one another. All Jesus’ disciples are specially chosen by God and will receive the blessing of the Holy Spirit.

Storytellers Sight (Personal Reflection & Group Discussion Questions)

  • Can you imagine the Son of God washing your feet?
  • Why did Peter tell Jesus not to wash his feet?
  • How is Jesus washing feet such a radical act of love?
  • Does Jesus want his disciples to wash feet today?
  • Why is the timing important, that Jesus washed his disciples’ feet right before his death on the cross?

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