How To Pray In March

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How To Pray In March

Leadership Prayers for March/Spring Season

  • Unpredictable Temperatures
  • New Seeds
  • Evaluating Flow
  • Clearing Barriers
  • New Wineskins

Unpredictable Temperatures >

Gardeners begin to prepare soil and plant new seeds, but unexpected freezes can happen. In leadership, we make our plans and work our strategies, but life circumstances often occur unexpectedly.

Let’s pray for all the people on our teams to be flexible, humble, and filled with the Holy Spirit as we face unexpected changes in business and ministry environments. Pray that we will be preemptive to protect our people in spiritual attacks, and stay strong together in Jesus Christ through waves of challenges and suffering.

New Seeds >

Gardeners plant new trees and shrubs, because the weather is typically cool and moist.

Pray for revelation of fresh vision and discernment of new strategies as well as clarity of how to adapt our current strategies. Pray that we will perceive new soilbeds for our ministries, that we will faithfully prepare our existing relationships and networks for future harvests God will give to us in approaching seasons.

Evaluating Flow >

Gardeners check their irrigation systems to make sure the water flows freely to all parts of the garden.

Pray for wisdom and understanding to see blockages in our own hearts as well as our teammates, that we will hear clearly from the Lord and focus on what truly matters in life and eternity. Pray for clear sight to see places and spaces where the enemy is attempting to secure a foothold in our hearts and relationships. Pray for purity, strength, and power to root him out and fill those places with love, peace, and Truth.

Clearing Barriers >

Gardeners clear out old mulch and dead leaves from flower beds so the sunlight and rain can reach the soil and nourish the newly planted seeds. Gardeners prune trees of dead and diseased branches to ensure sunlight reaches the inner parts for producing more fruit balanced across the whole tree.

Pray for a heart to see and a mind to understand barriers to the gospel slowly growing within our own hearts as well as our relationship networks. Pray for Jesus’ Truth to flow through our lives and leadership. Pray for a spirit of grace and righteousness to be embraced by our teams, to empty ourselves of whatever does not belong and be filled evermore with the fruit and gifts of the Holy Spirit. Pray that we will be holy vessels of God’s glory coming to earth and reaching the nations.

New Wineskins >

Gardeners transplant indoor plants into bigger pots with fresh soil to create greater capacity for more growth and ensure essential nutrients reach the roots.

Pray for intimacy with the Holy Spirit to foresee the future places of God’s growth within us and through us. Pray for intentionality to press into those channels of growth, to understand how they work and keep them clear of barriers to sustainability. Pray for freedom to get rid of burdens and baggage; old systems and comforts that keep us from pressing deeper into more of the Lord flowing through our lives. Pray for a spirit of unity, learning, sharing, and collaboration to receive wisdom from God and apply his will and ways to our values, priorities, and practices.


Purpose > We are all about freedom in the Holy Spirit. 

Motto > Freedom is never free, freedom is always fragile, and freedom is worth the fight. So, handle freedom with care.

Vision > Fixing our eyes on Jesus Christ, overflowing with his kingdom life.

Maranatha Vision Project > teaching disciples how to journey in Jesus’ freedom.

jamesharvey+> James Harvey, Blazing Trees CEO/Founder

Book James for an online team training or virtual prayer gathering > info@blazingtrees.or

We are about freedom in the Holy Spirit. Freedom is never free, freedom is always fragile, and freedom is worth the fight. So, handle freedom with care.

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