VIA Teams Training

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Virtual Intercessor Apprenticeships (VIA)

[currently accepting applications for 2023 semesters spring, summer, & autumn]

Training Overview

Our Blazing Trees’ VIA teams training is a 12-week virtual intercessor apprenticeship. Disciples will team up with other disciples in virtual prayer groups to record audio prayer & encouragement messages for missionaries scattered across the nations.

Our primary purpose with VIA teams is to raise up a generation of Spirit-filled, Spirit-led intercessors who are equipped to serve missionaries around the world with prayer & encouragement. 

We envision thousands of prayer warriors collaborating online in small teams to bless and encourage every disciplemaking missionary in the world.

Meaning of VIA

VIA stands for “virtual intercessor apprenticeship.” The word “via” means a channel for communication or path for travel. The Holy Spirit gave us the name “VIA” to illustrate the foundation of our prayer apprenticeships: each of us are channels for God to speak to those around us by his Word & Spirit. Our prayers & encouragement become rivers of revelation & blessing for those we pray with. Holy Spirit directed prayers are cherished spiritual gifts.


“Seraphim River” prayer handbook developed by James Harvey & Brian Hayden. You can purchase your copy here >

You will read most of the book by the end of the training. You will also use the Scripture lists in the second half of the book as content & inspiration for your weekly prayer recordings.


We do not charge for our apprenticeships. Instead, we are asking God for a steady stream of new financial investors in our 501c3 nonprofit. Therefore, the cost of the apprenticeship is monthly financial support of our General fund; no minimum requirement. What you give is between you and the Holy Spirit. 

You must set up your monthly giving online or send in your first check to our post office box BEFORE the first day of training. Please visit our giving page to discover all the pathways available to you to donate to Blazing Trees >


  • Recruit five people to pray faithfully for you and your family throughout the duration of your training. If you can’t find five, please contact the instructor, and they will help you complete your essential prayer covering.
  • Become a monthly investor in Blazing Trees’ General fund. (Only required during the three months of the apprenticeship.)
  • Purchase a copy of our training handbook “Seraphim River” on (Must have in hand before the first day of training.)
  • Complete all required reading each week.
  • Download the free phone apps and register your accounts for your assigned prayer groups. Apps include Whatsapp, Signal, & Marco Polo.
  • Participate in a private prayer group just for your instructor and fellow apprentices.
  • Record & share a minimum of three audio prayer messages each week in your assigned virtual prayer fellowship. (One audio prayer per group per week.)
  • Record one brief video message by the end every week (Saturday nights) in our VIA group in the Marco Polo app answering this question, “What did the Holy Spirit teach me about prayer & encouragement this week?”
  • Pray faithfully for your fellow apprentices and their families weekly.


  • All the messaging apps we use for virtual prayer are free & easy to use
  • Everyone has what they need with a smartphone & internet service
  • No scheduling conflicts because there’s no meetings
  • You can mute the app groups; get updates and participate only when you want to
  • A safe place for apostles & prophets to collaborate & flourish
  • A learning environment where disciples can stay up to date on real time missionary work
  • A practical prayer environment where disciples can learn from one another how to pray
  • People already use app groups for business and churches; a common way to connect
  • Prayer is accessible and practical for all disciples, no matter your unique mix of spiritual gifts, personality type, and life passions
  • Imagine being a vessel for the Holy Spirit to bless, encourage, and inspire other brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ around the world who are fulfilling the Great Commission while experiencing relentless spiritual attacks.

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VIA teams training is a discipleship ministry of Blazing Trees, a Tennessee 501c3 nonprofit founded by CEO James Harvey in 2016. We serve Great Commission leaders and teams around the world with friendship, prayer, encouragement, consulting, and resource innovation.