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Welcome to our Tunka Valley mission!

To learn more about our mission, please email us: info@blazingtrees.org

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The Buryats are the largest indigenous people group in Siberia, around a 1/2 million. They are also located in Mongolia, China, and Uzbekistan. There are less than 2% believers.

They are a Mongolian people, descendants of Ghengis Khan. Their native beliefs are a mixture of Buddhism and Shamanism with a focus on worshipping regional spirits and paying tribute to them at shrines and temples.

Because of the extreme low temperatures of the Siberian winter climate, many Buryats fall prey to excessive alcohol abuse leading to early deaths resulting in broken marriages and homes. We love the Buryats, and we are committed to visit them every year in their homeland sharing encouragement and hope.

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Will you join us on a mission trip? Here’s what you can expect:

+ Daily prayer and Bible study with your mission team and trip leaders

+ Visiting local villages

+ Meeting Buryat Mongols in marketplaces

+ Visiting Buddhist & Animistic homes


Tunka Valley Mission is supported by generous givers like you.

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