New Video: Freedom Is… Holy Spirit

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Blazing Trees is about freedom in the Holy Spirit. Freedom Is… Holy Spirit John 16 says, “The Spirit of Truth will come to you, and guide you into all the Truth. He will never speak on his own, but only what he hears from heaven. He will even give you glimpses of the future.”

Brothers and sisters, the greatest resource available to Jesus’ Church for fulfilling the Great Commission has always been the Holy Spirit’s presence.

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Faith Journey Prayer Video

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We are called by God to live by faith and not by sight. Jesus told Thomas after his resurrection from the dead that the greater blessing in heaven is for those who have not seen and yet still believe.

Our Father invites us every day to trust him with all our hearts and flee from dependence upon our own strength. It’s not by our strength or our knowledge, but by the power of Jesus’ Holy Spirit that God’s kingdom comes here on earth.

We believe this Faith Journey prayer will uplift and encourage your soul today, that you will be reminded that you are not alone, that our God is greater, our God is stronger, that he is Immanuel, “God with us,” that he has not forsaken or forgotten us.

Instead, he loves us beyond what we can comprehend, and that he is always speaking to us every day and night.

Let us listen to our Good Shepherd’s voice.


The Seraphim River project is an initiative of Blazing Trees to innovate resources for prayer and worship, and this project is supported by many generous people just like you.

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Thanks for listening, and thank you so much for all the love, prayers, and generosity.


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