Welcome to our Blazing Trees’ advocacy page!

You’re most likely here because someone handed you one of our prayer cards, and you looked up the link to learn more about us. Thank you for taking that next step to explore what Blazing Trees is all about.

I started Blazing Trees in 2016 out of a calling to create a safe place for misfit missionaries to raise personal and missions support. Most of our Blazing Trees missionaries are creatives, artists, and out-of-the-box leaders who need a unique place to flourish in their spiritual gifts and life passsions, and they’ve made their home with us.

Four Core Passions:

  • Prayer & Encouragement
  • Discipleship Resources
  • Sustainability Consulting
  • Great Commission Fundraising

Three Ways To Help:

Pray – Sign up for our ministry news and letters, and pray with us for all of our plans throughout the year and partners around the world.

Give – We need sustainability funding. We also need overflow funding to send to trusted ministry partners making disciples among the unreached.

Advocate – When you value something or someone, you are called to add value to them. We need leaders who value and care about Blazing Trees to set up meetings with potential prayer warriors, investors, and more advocates.

Pray & Take Your Next Step:

Is the Lord calling you to pray with us? Email James to sign up for our news updates:

Is the Lord calling you to invest generously in our ministry? Visit our Giving page to discover the various ways we can receive gifts:

Is the Lord calling you to serve as a door-opening ambassador? Scroll through your Contacts and ask the Holy Spirit who needs to meet with James. Then, write an intro email and get us connected so we can set up our first advocacy meeting.