Seraphim River

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Welcome to the Seraphim River.

Our team spent a year compiling our prayer resources together into a new book. You can purchase individual copies on You can order a case (12 books) directly from Blazing Trees with a $50 discount. Just send us an email to place your order. Shipping only within the continental USA. Contact Us: info@blazingtrees

Now, sit back, relax, and enjoy the free digital copy of Seraphim River. Scroll through this page to explore and download all the chapters and resources from the book. Please send your thoughts, questions, and feedback to

Resources to Read, Study, & Discuss

Seraphim River Vision

An explanation of the name Seraphim River: the vision James saw, how the vision relates to a lifestyle of prayer, and what happens when more people pray more often, especially together. Read and reflect through the vision scenes and discuss the vision with someone. Pray for our generation to enter into and abide in Jesus’ Holy Spirit Freedom River. Explore the Spiritual Gifts & Fruit guide to learn more about yourself. Ask the Holy Spirit to teach you about the way God has uniquely designed and called you to spend time with him. Ask the Holy Spirit to give you discernment about the spiritual gifts and fruit of others around you, so that you can encourage them in their walk with God and pray for their unfolding destinies.

Seraphim River Story Set

These stories will help you see how different disciples praised and prayed. One of the best ways for learning how to pray is praying together. Worship and prayer work together. We remember God’s promises, count our blessings, confess our struggles, share our needs, rest in his presence, and listen to his voice.

Hear Jesus’ Holy Spirit Lessons

Explore this set of 24 prayer skills to help you learn how to hear Jesus’ Holy Spirit speaking to you. Hearing Jesus is not complicated: he speaks, and we listen and hear. Still, many disciples struggle perpetually to hear him clearly and often. Breakthrough will come as we keep trying. Just remember that our Heavenly Father rescued us through Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross in order to restore us to himself as eternal family and friends. What God wants from his creation is relationship. He wants to reveal his heart to us daily as we spend time with him. He is our Teacher, Shepherd, Helper, Counselor, and Companion.

Watches & Streams (8 Prayer Watches)

Follow us through a 24-hour cycle of eight prayer watches: four night watches and four day watches. Discover various ways to pray and what to pray for, with creative ideas for getting practical with prayer, discipleship, and Jesus’ Great Commission. Remember God’s promises, enjoy simple prayer prompts to get you started in your conversations with Jesus’ Holy Spirit, and dive deeply in the worldview and passions of a prayer warrior. You can pray for any of these focuses and kingdom streams at any time. You don’t have to pray for specific things at specific times. Jesus told us to pray at all times in the Holy Spirit as he teaches us how to pray one day at a time.

Resources for Worship, Prayer, & Prophecy

Prayer Lists & Guides

As you pray, scroll through these Scripture lists and pray God’s Word. Rejoice and lament, repent and delight, sing and grieve, ask and confess, believe and receive, prophesy and bless, encourage and heal, keep going and never give up. Pray with faith, listening to whatever Jesus’ Spirit says to you. Use these prayer lists during your personal prayer sessions and group fellowships. Walk through these Scripture prayer lists with your kids and grandkids. Create your own Scripture prayer lists for different prayer needs in your own life and mission context.

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