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john jessica wallan circleWelcome to our Falling Walls mission!

We are John & Jessica Wallan, and God has called us to move into south Nashville, TN to begin a house of peace mission to refugees and immigrants from dozens of nations. Please pray for us, and please support our ministry.

Contact Us > john.wallan@blazingtrees.org



Why start a new mission in Nashville, TN? 

The United States of America is the third largest mission field in the world today! Nashville, TN’s 14-county region population is 1,875,000 and growing by 100 people every day.

  • We have 937,500 unchurched people.
  • We have 92 people groups.
  • 30 of the people groups in Nashville are identified as unreached people groups. (Less than 2% Evangelized worldwide.)
  • We have 15 mosques, one Islamic school, one-Hindu temple, one Sikh temple, 15 Buddhist temples and 4 Shinto meditation centers.
  • Nashville residents speak in a total of 150 languages every day.
  • Nashville is home to the largest population of Kurdish immigrants in the nation.

cityreach projects

Our mission team is serving alongside many churches scattered across greater Nashville partnering with other churches nationally to send short-term teams to our city to help us with outreaches to all the nations that are here.

Short-Term Mission Needs >

  • Block Parties
  • English Tutoring
  • Healing/Deliverance
  • House of Peace Visitation
  • Prayer Walking
  • Storytelling

Are you interested in serving with us? Please email John today >


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Falling Walls mission is supported by generous givers like you.

How To Give

Option #1: Mail Checks

  • Step One – Write your gift to “Blazing Trees”
  • Step Two – Designate your gift to “Falling Walls”
  • Step Three – Mail your gift to our post office box

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Option #2: Give Online

  • Step One: Click the link below
  • Step Two: Designate your gift purpose to “Falling Walls”

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Blazing Trees is a 501(c)(3) charity organization based in Nashville, TN that innovates mission resources and provides prayer, encouragement, and coaching to leaders and their teams scattered across the nations.

Thank you for all the love, prayers, and generosity


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