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storytellers logo draw circleDraw Disciples is a Bible storytelling resource.

Every chapter contains five activities for small groups: 1) Discover – an overview of the lesson, 2) Draw – simple drawings and teaching notes, 3) Discuss – basic discussion questions, 4) Disciple – practical, personal application questions, 5) Dedicate – prayers to ignite fresh faith and courage.

Making disciples in every nation has never been this simple or exciting! Welcome to the storyteller movement. Maranatha!

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Instructions: Our leaders often get asked, “How do you disciple someone who just decided to follow Jesus?” These 20 lessons are our answer to these questions. Twenty weeks of guiding new believers to meet the Father, Son, & Holy Spirit and make disciples.

Lesson #1 > Faithful Shepherd – discover God the Father as Shepherd and Guide

Lesson #2 > Glory Hallelujah – discover our design and calling to worship in Spirit and Truth

Lesson #3 > Salvation Freedom – discover our identity as sons and daughters set free from bondage and delivered from condemnation

Lesson #4 > Resurrection Identity – discover our identity as priest to the nations, blazing fires shining the glory of God to all nations

Lesson #5 > Fruitful Vineyard – discover how God designed us for pruning and community

Lesson #6 > Journey Navigator – discover God the Holy Spirit as Friend, Companion, and Counselor

Lesson #7 > Kingdom Prayer – discover how Jesus taught us to speak to God the Father and what to ask for

Lesson #8 > Sabbath Rest – discover a lifestyle of rest, a ministry of abiding in Jesus

Lesson #9 > Heaven River – discover the Holy Spirit as spiritual gift giver from heaven, how we are a blessing to the nations

Lesson #10 > Fire House – discover the diversity of spiritual gifts, how mission team celebrate our differences and unite around God’s love & mission

Lesson #11 > Redemptive Time – discover God’s priorities for our lives so that we have balance and fullness, how to avoid spiritual burnout

Lesson #12 > Restoration Anointing – discover how the Holy Spirit rests upon us in power to set captives free and minister healing to all nations

Isaiah 61 – Restoration Anointing

Lesson #13 > Warfare Armor – discover spiritual warfare basics, spiritual adversaries in unseen realms, and spiritual armor to resist spiritual attacks

Lesson #14 > Scout Strategy – discover mission field mapping, how to learn from the Holy Spirit insights into spiritual strongholds in our communities & cities

Lesson #15 > Disciple Craft – discover every disciple’s mission: to make disciples

Lesson #16 > Prepared Receivers – discover people of peace and how to find a new disciple, how the Holy Spirit prepares hearts to receive Jesus

Lesson #17 > Peace Search – discover prayer walking and what to do when you find someone interested to learn how to follow Jesus

Lesson #18 > Baptizer Mission – discover your call to baptize: help someone enter the kingdom of heaven, celebrate publicly, and receive the Holy Spirit’s power

Lesson #19 > Local Revolution – discover unity among Jesus’ people and what disciples do when they gather together as local fellowships

Lesson #20 > Radical Culture – discover how different Jesus’ values and ways are compared to the world, and how to behave like our Savior


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Lecciones Basicas de Discipulado

  1. Pastor Fiel – Salmos 23
  2. Gloria Aleluya – Salmos 103
  3. Salvacion Libertad – Romanos 8
  4. Identidad de Resurreccion – 1 Pedro 1
  5. Vinedo Fructifero – Juan 15
  6. El Navegador de Viaje – Juan 16
  7. Oracion del Reino – Mateo 6
  8. Descanso Sabático – Hebreos 4
  9. Rio Cielo – Ezequiel 47
  10. Casa de Fuego – Efesios 4
  11. Tiempo Redentor – Eclesiastes 3
  12. Restauracion de Uncion – Isaias 61
  13. Guerra Armadura – Efesios 6
  14. Estrategia Scout – Nehemias 2
  15. Artesania Discípula – Mateo 28
  16. Recibidores Preparados – Juan 4
  17. Búsqueda de la Paz – Lucas 10
  18. Mission Bautizante – Hechos 10
  19. Revolucion Local – Hechos 2
  20. Cultura Radical – Hechos 2


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