Battles Belong To Me Prophecy

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Your battles belong to me. I am your Holy Warrior in Heaven. As storms rage all around you, as suffering threatens your faith, as despair wages war on your hope, lift up your eyes above and beyond your life to see my victory riding upon the wings of the dawn.

Arm yourself every day for battle, for I have clothed you in righteousness, I have anointed you with power, I have sealed you with perfection, I have captivated your heart with unconditional love, I have baptized your mind with destiny-shaping wisdom.

Your battles belong to me. I am your Fortified Rampart, your Indestructible Fortress, your Most High God. I am the Almighty King of the Galaxies, and I rest my feet upon the earth. I fight your battles. I protect you with my warrior angels. I raise up a pillar of swirling cloud around you by day and a pillar of blazing fire through the night watches.

I will allow you to feel alone only for a breath of eternity, for I want you to share in Jesus’ suffering that you may also share in his great glory. As the Messiah King laid down his glory to taste condemnation and death, so must you follow in his footsteps: to surrender your life, to give me your dreams, to trust me as I fight all your battles.


Father, we anticipate the day when you build new walls of precious stones in Zion. No longer will we have walls that keep the enemy at bay. We will see walls that reflect your glory made of stones that capture your majesty. How we long to see those mighty walls in heaven.

Thank you for giving us spiritual weapons with divine power to wage war effectively against our adversary who lurks in the shadows and seduces your creation into the lake of fire. Yes, Lord, we will demolish enemy strongholds in Jesus’ name by Jesus’ authority for Jesus’ glory. Through your power, we advance the front lines.

We will fight the good fight, Lord. And the fight is to remain in you day and night: to reject the snares of our flesh, the ways of this world, the temptations of the dragon. We will walk by faith, we will worship in Spirit and truth and sing of your coming kingdom.


Unshakable Vindication: Jesus Christ has overcome the world, and he has won the great war with the dragon. His resurrection is our vindication. (Isaiah 54:10-17)

Warfare Weapons: The spirit realm is just as active as the physical, and Jesus has given us powerful spiritual weapons for our daily battles. (2 Corinthians 10:2-5)

Freedom Fortress: In Christ, we are safe and secure. We have been set free by his blood and sealed forever with his Spirit. Let us practice our freedom. (Psalm 91)

Martyr’s Anointing: The greatest blessing from heaven is to share in the sufferings of Jesus Christ, our Man of Sorrows Messiah King of Glory. (Hebrews 11:32-40)

Confession Covenant: Every day, the Holy Spirit teaches and trains us how to honor and fulfill our covenant with God; to love and obey him. (1 Timothy 6:11-16)

Let’s keep making disciples in every nation until there’s No Place Left!

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Episode 005 Behold

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Prophecy >

My precious sons and daughters, I love you. Sometimes you forget my truth when you feel alone and forsaken, dry and poured out and running empty on fading fumes. Rest today in my anointing, hear me call, know my voice, surrender your plans, obey my commands, walk freely step by step with my Holy Spirit.

Behold! I am your Salvation Stronghold, your Strong Tower Refuge. The earth is filled with many strongholds; yet, I have overcome them all, and I have released to you spiritual weapons with divine power to demolish fortified enemy encampments. Embrace my gifts, receive my anointing, and go forth to set captives free!

I am your Fruitful Vineyard and Rushing Waters. I designed you and I have clearly revealed my will. My heart is not hidden, lost in a distant wilderness. Though your bones were dry and dead, unable to live or grow, learn or move, I breathe upon you my breath of life, and I sing new songs over dry bones so they will rise up and live a new life of joy and hope.

I will do whatever it takes, no matter how hard the journey, to gather my people together in unity around my Word and Spirit so all nations will come home. Behold my glory and come alive.

Prayer >

Speak, LORD, for your servants hear you. You are the only One who knows us, for no one else created our bodies, souls, and spirits. You are our Creator, Lord of heaven and earth; the earth is your footstool and the stars sing your praises from the dawn of the universe to the new heavens you will create after Judgement Day.

When we seek you first with all our hearts, forsaking the need to understand “how” or “why,” you lead us Wise Counselor, you guide us, Faithful Shepherd, you protect us, Ancient of Days, you train us in warfare, Master Commander.

Thank you for your victory, LORD of Hosts. All the galaxies move and breathe and find their identity and purpose in you. You are faithful, Father, and though we strive to understand you, the truth is that we cannot know everything about you. Your mysteries and eternal glory make us choose to live by faith or live for self. We only have one precious life to make this decision, and we choose to walk by faith in our Risen King of Glory.

Please forgive us when we assume we know how to follow you, that we have this master plan backed by effective resources and crafted strategies; the horses and chariots and armies of our generation. No, we rest in your daily revelation. Your sovereign plans are perfect. Please keep us humble in this unpredictable adventure. We behold your majesty today.

Passages >

Listening Ears: Our Father speaks to his sons and daughters. To hear his voice, we must learn to quiet our lives, humble our minds, listen for his call, and discern his revelation. (1 Samuel 3:8-11)

Salvation Refuge: Jesus Christ is an All Nations Salvation Refuge. He has unveiled the deceptive seduction of the raging dragon and claimed the earth’s kingdoms as his own. (Isaiah 25:4-9)

Divine Lamb: A prophet named John the Baptizer called Jesus of Nazareth the Divine Lamb. Jesus is Yahweh’s Son, our Slain Lamb Messiah, Heaven’s Glory King. (John 1:29-34)

Universal Authority: Yahweh has made his Beloved Son the Master over the whole universe and every heavenly realm. Jesus rules every star and soul and knows each one. (Colossians 1:15-20)