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Blazing Trees is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Nashville, TN and founded by James Harvey in 2016.

Purpose > Freedom in Jesus’ Holy Spirit.

Vision > We see a whole generation abiding in Abba Father’s heart, walking daily with the Holy Spirit, and making disciples of Jesus Messiah in every tribe and language.

Mission > We serve Great Commission leaders and teams around the world with friendship, prayer, encouragement, and resource innovation.

Motto > Freedom is never free, freedom is always fragile, but freedom is worth the fight, so let’s handle freedom with care.

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Where did the name “Blazing Trees” come from?

James’ 2015 Blazing Trees Vision

I was standing in a forest watching a man try to start a fire with rocks. The forest had recently been washed in a rainstorm, so the ground and wood were soaking wet. 

The man was using two small flint rocks to try to spark a fire, and I could hear the rocks cracking as he hit them together over and over again, the sharp sounds echoing waves into the damp evening air. He was deliberate in every move of his hands, and where others would give up, this man was relentless is attempting to start this fire.

All of a sudden, one of the sparks caught the wood on fire and it started to blaze. The flames slowly grew stronger and higher until some of the sparks from the fire floated up into the trees, and they began to catch the limbs and leaves on fire. Soon trees were fully ablaze, and the sparks from the first blazing trees floated into the air and came to rest on other nearby trees catching them on fire. None of the trees were burning up or being consumed by the heat. 

I raised up into the night sky and saw the forest further than my eyes could see in any direction blazing brightly; a movement of heat, fire, and light.

Vision Interpretation >

The man is Jesus Christ. The sparks are Yahweh’s anointing. The fire is the Holy Spirit. The blazing trees are Spirit-filled leaders. The forest is a movement of leaders listening to and being led by the Holy Spirit.

“When the Holy Spirit comes, who reveals the truth about Yahweh, he will lead you into all of the truth. He will not speak on his own authority, but he will speak of what he hears, and will tell you the future.” (John 16:13)

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We mobilize mission teams to make disciples among the least reached tribes.

  • All 4 Him – Sherrie’s chaplain mission in Wisconsin
  • Bendiciones – Dave & Patsy’s Mexico mission
  • Ekklesia 21 – Eric & Claris’ human trafficking victim rescue ministry in Oklahoma
  • Love Nations – Don’s global disciplemaking ministry
  • Orange Harvest – Persecuted church mission to Eurasia’s least reached tribes
  • Maranatha – James’ online prayer & leadership consulting ministry
  • Russian Promise – Eric & Melanie’s mission to Russians around the world
  • Shalom Medics – Steve’s trauma healing & disciplemaking ministry
  • Shepherds – Don & Jackie’s encouragement & disciplemaking mission

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We innovate mission resources to equip Spirit-filled disciples worldwide.

  • Draw Bible Stories – Teaching anyone how to remember Bible stories with simple drawings
  • Draw Disciples – Our first published book on how to start making disciples
  • Maranatha Vision – Prayer, encouragement, and leadership consulting
  • Seraphim River – Our second published book on prayer & warfare
  • Virtual Prayer Fellowships – Starting prayer groups with free phone apps for leaders and their teams
  • Wild Frontier Foundation – A designated fund for generous giving to indigenous missionaries around the world

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Our values seal the foundation for all we believe and how we behave.

  • Freedom – We are free without boundaries.
  • Diversity – We embrace and celebrate our differences.
  • Spirit-led – We listen to and rest in the Holy Spirit.
  • Indigenous – We adopt, disciple, and commission new leaders.
  • Maranatha – We cry out daily, “Come quickly, Lord Jesus!”
  • Innovation – We develop pioneer resources for frontier missions.
  • Blessing – We aim to encourage, bless, and inspire everyone we meet.

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We really love people. We are a covenant tribe. We do not deal in contracts.

  • Great Command – We love the Lord, and we love one another.
  • Great Commission – We are praying for and pursing every tribe.
  • Holy Spirit Fruit – We want to overflow with the Holy Spirit’s living power.
  • Mutual Freedom – We desire for everyone to hear directly from the Holy Spirit.

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Next steps to pray through and consider as we journey together.

  • Advocate – Open doors for us to new relationships & resources.
  • Companion – Sign up to receive our digital & printed newsletters.
  • Intercessor – Pray with us. Encourage us.
  • Investor – Invest generously in our mission as the Holy Spirit leads.
  • Teammate – Join our staff as a volunteer, part-time, or full-time.


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