Known & Beloved – Psalm 139 – Draw Bible Stories Project

Known & Beloved Song (Psalm 139)

Devoted Companion – king, cloud, woman, flame – King David said God is always with us by his Holy Spirit. He knows our thoughts. He helps us each step of our way.

Worldwide Glory – earth, cloud, flame, stars – God’s Holy Spirit is everywhere, calling all the nations to believe. God’s Light shines brightly in the darkness.

Loving Creator – king, mother, baby, flag – God designs and creates us with love. He knows our future and guides our days. His wisdom is beyond imagination.

Holiness Prayer – serpent, sword, running man, road, city – David hated evil and cherished justice. He asked God to judge his enemies and safeguard his integrity.

Storytellers Sight

  • How does God’s presence influence your daily life?
  • If God already knows everything we will say, why do we pray? Why is worship an essential part of prayer?
  • Remember a time when God helped you see clearly.
  • Do you know someone who has no idea that God loves them? How can this song change their mind?
  • Why does David have so much hate for his enemies?
  • How often do you invite God to unveil sin in your life?

Storytellers Discipleship

The following activities will help you remember the story, apply wisdom to your own life, and tell the story to others.

  • Pray. Listen to the story. Draw the story.
  • Tell the story with the drawings.
  • Draw your own pictures to illustrate the story.
  • Pray and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal wisdom in the story.
  • Pray. What is the Holy Spirit asking you to do next?
  • Go and tell the story to someone. Discuss the story.
  • Disciple others to become Spirit-filled storytellers.

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