Generous Deliverer – 1 Samuel 2 – Draw Bible Stories Project

Generous Deliverer Prayer (1 Samuel 2:1-10)

Rejoicing Mother – woman, flag, mountain, cloud, crown – Let me tell you a story about Hannah’s prayer. She praised God for rescuing her from despair.

Generous King – kneeling man, king, throne, crown – Hannah celebrated God’s justice: he humbles prideful leaders and rescues all who are suffering and helpless.

Eternal Lord – grave, cloud, rejoicing princess, branch – Hannah praised God for his absolute authority over all creation, life, and death. He is worthy to rule the world.

Righteous Defender – cloud, king, arrow, sword – God fights for those who love and worship him. God defends the weak and protects his faithful disciples.

Storytellers Sight

  • What happened that caused Hannah to celebrate?
  • How did Hannah feel in her spirit to rejoice like this?
  • What is significant about how a mother describes God as her Rock & Deliverer in this prayer?
  • How can Hannah praise the LORD in such a way, right after sending her young son to temple service?
  • Can you see the expression on Hannah’s face?
  • How did God feel after Hannah prayed this way?

Storytellers Discipleship

The following activities will help you remember the story, apply wisdom to your own life, and tell the story to others.

  • Pray. Listen to the story. Draw the story.
  • Tell the story with the drawings.
  • Draw your own pictures to illustrate the story.
  • Pray and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal wisdom in the story.
  • Pray. What is the Holy Spirit asking you to do next?
  • Go and tell the story to someone. Discuss the story.
  • Disciple others to become Spirit-filled storytellers.

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