Hannah’s Sorrow – 1 Samuel 1 – Draw Bible Stories Project

Hannah’s Sorrow Story (1 Samuel 1:1-20)

Unhappy Wife – man, mother, baby, woman – Elkanah had two wives. Peninnah had children; Hannah was barren. She was loved and blessed but very unhappy.

Family Drama – mother, baby, son, grieving woman – Hannah’s sister-wife mocked her infertility often, causing her to weep. She would not eat in her distress.

Desperate Heart – temple, praying woman, tears – One day, she visited the Shiloh temple. Hannah prayed, begging God for a son that she would dedicate to him.

Peace Blessing – priest, cloud, mother, baby – The local priest thought Hannah was drunk; but she explained her anguish. Eli asked God to give Hannah children.

Storytellers Sight

  • Why do some cultures highly value having sons?
  • What were some of Hannah’s marriage problems?
  • How does it feel to be relentlessly provoked?
  • Have you ever been so upset that you can’t eat?
  • How does Elkanah’s response to Hannah’s frustration demonstrate he was oblivious to her pain?
  • What’s it like to publicly hide your internal stress?
  • Is God still good if he doesn’t give what you ask for?
  • What signs showed that Hannah finally found peace?

Storytellers Discipleship

The following activities will help you remember the story, apply wisdom to your own life, and tell the story to others.

  • Pray. Listen to the story. Draw the story.
  • Tell the story with the drawings.
  • Draw your own pictures to illustrate the story.
  • Pray and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal wisdom in the story.
  • Pray. What is the Holy Spirit asking you to do next?
  • Go and tell the story to someone. Discuss the story.
  • Disciple others to become Spirit-filled storytellers.

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