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ANNOUNCEMENT! Please enjoy, explore, and share our 5th official Storytellers Bible story set “New Life”!!!

Why This Story Set?

A friend of ours living in Africa said many of his friends are experiencing dreams and visions of Jesus. They are asking questions, desiring to hear stories of Jesus in the Bible. The New Life story set contains 12 basic discipleship lessons for any new disciple, or for seekers searching to find the Truth.

Why Make Disciples With This Story Set?

We do not simply add Jesus and some of his ideas to our lives. We must be crucified with Christ; then, the Holy Spirit transforms us into new creations. Next, we grow spiritually every day in our relationship with God, exploring a whole new world of faith, trust, wisdom, blessings, and power. Our salvation is sacred and secure, and we can expect suffering and many trials in this new life. Spiritual attacks increase when we decide to follow Jesus, because he delivers us out of darkness into light, and we shine with God’s glory. May these stories inspire you to love and trust in Jesus.

Visit to download the story set, coloring page, and drawings.

New Life Set Stories List

  1. New Creation – 2 Corinthians 5:16-21
  2. Weeping Woman – Luke 7:36-50
  3. Ethiopian Eunuch – Acts 8:26-40
  4. Kingdom Prayer – Matthew 6:5-15
  5. Generous Stranger – Luke 10:25-37
  6. Lord’s Supper – 1 Corinthians 11:17-26
  7. Widow’s Trust – Mark 12:38-44
  8. Living Well – John 4:1-42
  9. Peace Mission – Luke 10:1-20
  10. Demon Army – Luke 8:26-39
  11. First Church – Acts 2:41-47
  12. Great Commission – Matthew 28:16-20

Born Again – grass, grave, woman, light – Let me tell you a story about what happens when you decide to follow Jesus. First, you die to your old life. You are reborn into a new life.

Peacemaking Mission – king, flame, Jesus – God chose to make peace with rebellious humanity through Jesus. He restores what has been broken, making us new creations.

Ambassador’s Appeal – cross, woman, man – We are now advocates of Jesus’ kingdom, inviting others to believe in and follow him by prayer and telling his Gospel stories.

Righteous Road – cross, road, cloud, city – Jesus made a way for us to be free from evil. Now, we journey towards heaven by faith, practicing righteousness through the Spirit.

Bad Reputation – Jesus, woman, fragrant perfume – Let me tell you a story about a rebellious woman who honored Jesus. She visited Jesus at a Pharisee’s dinner party.

Public Honor – tears, bottle, fragrance – This woman was broken in her spirit. She wept over Jesus feet, kissing and wiping his feet with her hair, and pouring perfume on them.

Freedom Story – money bag & coins – Simon was offended at the woman’s actions. Jesus knew Simon’s critical heart, and told a story about forgiving big and small debts.

Forgiven & Saved – broken chains & celebrating woman – Jesus forgave the woman of her many failures because of her faith in him. The guests asked, “Who can forgive sins?”

Seeking Jesus – chariot & man – Let me tell you a story about an Ethiopian seeking Jesus. We don’t know his name. He was visiting Jerusalem to worship God and seek Truth.

Strange Request – road, man, flame – The Holy Spirit told Philip, a disciple of Jesus, to go to a desert road and wait. The Ethiopian was in a chariot on his way home to Africa.

Suffering Savior – altar, lamb, knife – The African man invited Philip to travel with him. He was reading Isaiah 53 and had questions. Philip shared the Gospel, and the man believed.

Spontaneous Baptism – water, man, flame, cyclone – Philip baptized him in water. He returned home rejoicing after the Holy Spirit took Philip in a whirlwind to a far away town.

Heart Check – stage, priest, house, woman – Let me tell you a story about how prayer works. Before we pray, we check our motives. Prayer is a relationship, not a performance.

Authentic Worship – woman, flag, branch, throne, crown, cloud – Jesus taught his disciples how to pray. We begin with praise, desiring God’s kingdom to bless all nations.

Beautiful Communion – house, table, bread, cup, flame – We practice fellowship with the Holy Spirit. We trust God to provide for us. We forgive anyone who has offended us.

Choose Your King – broken chains, woman, light, snake – Jesus delivers us from the devil’s control if we will embrace forgiveness. If we refuse to forgive, our home is hellfire.

Kingdom Culture – two houses, heart, crown – Let me tell you a story about a teacher who asked Jesus how to inherit eternal life. Jesus replied, “Love God and your neighbor.”

Almost Dead – thief & traveler – Jesus told a story that illustrates an answer to, “Who is my neighbor?” A man on a journey was robbed, beaten, and left for dead on the road.

Cold Souls – priest, road, victim – Two religious leaders saw the man and avoided him. They did not love, care, or help.

Compassionate Mercy – inn, two men, moneybag – A Samaritan saw the man and had mercy. He bandaged his wounds, took him to a nearby inn, and paid for his recovery. Jesus taught the teacher how to be merciful and generous.

Divided Family – divided houses – Let me tell you a story about how we honor Jesus. Missionary Paul discovered that some of his disciples were treating other disciples unfairly.

Selfish Feasting – wine bottle & table – The wealthy disciples were hosting feasts without the poor. They were prideful and getting drunk, rejecting fellowship with needy disciples.

True Communion – Jesus, bread, cup – The Lord’s Supper is about unity and communion: coming together as one family to remember Jesus’ sacrifice. All in Christ are welcome.

Maranatha Declaration – king, cloud, radiant cross – The Lord’s Supper reminds us of suffering and glory. Our Messiah died to save the nations. Our King will return soon. 

Exalted Celebrities – stage, priest, disciple, flag – Let me tell you a story about generosity. Some people who serve God seek man’s praise. Jesus invites us to become humble. 

Hidden Slavery – priest, chains, snake – Jesus and his disciples were in the temple. Many rich people gave large gifts, giving to impress the crowds, giving without sacrifice.

Extraordinary Generosity – woman & coins – A poor widow gave two coins. Jesus said her generous gift was greater than all the wealthy people’s larger quantity donations.

Absolute Trust – woman, flag, cloud, throne, crown – Jesus said the widow gave all her money and trusted God for her next meal. Jesus calls us to the radical faith of this widow.

Long Journey – well & water – Let me tell you a story about living water. Jesus traveled to Samaria and sat down next to a well to rest in the evening. A woman came to draw water.

Living Water – Jesus & woman – Jesus asked the woman for a drink. Jews aren’t supposed to talk to Samaritans. Jesus offered to give her the gift of living water if she wanted it.

Worship Rituals – altar, animal, fire – Jesus and the woman discussed the different beliefs of the Jews and Samaritans. Jesus said one day, all will worship in the Spirit and in Truth.

Village Harvest – house & wheat – The woman believed in Jesus as God’s Messiah. She went home and told her village. Everyone believed and became Jesus’ disciples.

Open Homes – house & open door – Let me tell you a story about a mission trip. Jesus sent out his disciples in pairs to visit many villages on mission to search for open homes.

Prayer Priority – praying disciples – Jesus asked them to pray for God to raise up more missionaries, to trust him to provide for their needs, and ask the Holy Spirit to move.

Kingdom Bridges – river & bridge – Jesus taught them to greet people and build relationship bridges, to stay in any home where the people receive God’s kingdom peace.

Open Hearts – disciple & flame – Jesus told them to identify wherever the Holy Spirit was already at work in people’s hearts. They returned praising God for amazing miracles.

Extreme Bondage – cave, man, chains – Let me tell you a story about deliverance. Jesus traveled across a lake to visit an insane, dangerous man possessed by a demon army.

Supernatural Encounter – Jesus & serpent – When the man saw Jesus, the demons began screaming. They spoke with Jesus, calling him God’s Son. They were afraid of his power.

Terrifying Spectacle – shepherd, staff, pig, water – Jesus cast the demon army into a nearby herd of many pigs, and the herdsmen saw them all rush down into the lake and drown.

Amazing Testimony – disciple, cross, flag, road, town – Word spread about Jesus’ miracle. The local people were scared and asked Jesus to leave. Jesus sent the delivered man back home to his family to tell his incredible freedom story.

Jesus’ Name – cross, cloud, king, flag – Let me tell you a story about community. Peter was teaching a crowd about Jesus, his power and glory, and the Holy Spirit’s arrival.

Baptizing Crowds – water, disciples, flames – Thousands were baptized and filled with the Holy Spirit. They spent time together in praise, prayer, and learning God’s Word.

Open Homes – house, door, table, bread, cup – The people gathered in homes for the Lord’s Supper and fellowship meals, sharing all they had and experiencing profound joy.

Generous Living – pouring cup – The people gave freely and sacrificially to meet every need. The church practiced a culture of generosity. The lost became saved every day.

Messiah Reunion – mountain, flag, Jesus – Let me tell you a story about missions. After Jesus rose from the dead, his disciples traveled to a nearby mountain to see him again.

Free Choice – empty tomb & disciple – When the disciples saw Jesus, some believed and worshiped, others doubted. We all face the same choice: do I believe Jesus is alive?

Global Mission – stars, earth, cross, crown – God gave Jesus all authority in the heavens and on earth. Jesus told his disciples to go into every nation to make new disciples.

Shepherd’s Presence – rod & staff, crown, cross, flame – We make disciples by baptism and teaching God’s Word. Our Good Shepherd will always be with us through the Spirit.

Maranatha Prayer

The word MARANATHA means, “Our Lord has come,” 

“Our Lord will return,” and, “Come, Lord Jesus!” Let’s pray.

Abba Father, we love and praise you. You are good, and your love endures forever. You are the Fountain of Life. We are created by your Potter’s hands, and you fill us with faith, peace, and clear vision even in the darkest valleys. Father, we ask today that idol worship and false religions be erased from our lands. Let all peoples and tribes worship you; may the whole world be filled with your praise. (Zechariah 13:1-2)

Lord Jesus, you are the Holy One of God, the Chosen One to bring light and freedom to all humanity. You have been given all authority in the heavens and on earth, because you took on the cross with humility and bravery. Now, you sit glorified at the right hand of the Majesty on High. You are our Faithful Intercessor and Anointed Advocate. We praise you for restoring us as God’s eternal family. (Mark 1:24-27)

Holy Spirit, you are the Spirit of Jesus. We celebrate your faithfulness to remain with us and never leave. You show us where to go, provide wisdom to discern open and closed doors, fill us with grace and compassion, comfort us in pain and sorrow, strengthen us in warfare and suffering, and generously give us gifts that help us serve our neighbors. Thank you, our Loyal & Trustworthy Friend. (Acts 16:6-9)

Now, God of Hope, we receive your joy and peace as we trust in you, so that we may display your glory through our desires and decisions. May the nations hear the stories of the Bible and receive open hearts to believe in Jesus’ name, Amen.

Interlude, Shalom, Maranatha.

So much more @ the Storytellers Bible!

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