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How To Pray In April – Leadership Prayers for April/Spring Season

  • Soil Testing
  • Protect Seedlings
  • Track Rainfall
  • Pest Watch
  • Nesting Songbirds

Soil Testing >

Gardeners test the quality of their soils, evaluating them for nutrients, weeds, and pesticides. The quality of future fruitfulness is dependent upon the health and purity of the soils where the seeds are planted today.

Pray for the heart, mind, and spirit of every leader. Let us start with our own hearts before praying for our teammates. Where is my heart today? What is my foundation? What is the condition of my heart soil? Let us invite the Holy Spirit to move within our hearts, removing any lies of the enemy or idols of the world. Let us return to the heart of worship, because worship is all about Jesus: our Loving Savior, Good Shepherd, and Glory King.

Protect Seedlings >

Gardeners daily check the seeds they have sown that begin to sprout new life. This new life is tender and vulnerable to harsh elements and weeds competing for the same soils. 

Pray about the recent revelations and lessons our Father has been teaching us. Where has the Holy Spirit asked me lately to pay attention and focus? You have heard it said that it takes 40 days to establish a new habit/routine; longer than one month. Let us ask our Loyal Helper for strength and courage to walk faithfully in new wineskins, remaining liberated from any old habits or false truths. Every battle belongs to the LORD Almighty!

Track Rainfall >

Gardeners know all various seed types that need to be planted throughout changing seasons and unpredictable weather. They daily evaluate rainfall to ensure that new growth receives what it needs to prosper. Gardeners know their environment, they understand the climate, and they adapt to new conditions whenever they move.

Pray for discernment and wisdom from the Holy Spirit. Leadership has no “one size fits all” model, strategy, or process. Our Creator has made us all unique and special; our diversity and variety brings him greater glory. Pray that every leader will listen to the voice of our Good Shepherd who reveals to us the different situations, contexts, climates, and fields where we lead our teams. Pray that we will expect change and remain flexible.

Pest Watch >

Gardeners are vigilant, always on the lookout for pests like beetles, grubs, and bugs that take advantage of spring to feed off seedlings. Pests consume the fresh roots near the surface of the soil: feeding upon new life, ending growth, and preventing harvest.

Peter encourages us to be alert, sober, and watchful, because the evil one is a predator seeking to devour us. Listen to the wonderful Gospel news: the Holy Spirit within us is greater than the destructive dragon in the world. Pray for us all to remain faithful and persistent, standing upon Jesus Christ our Solid Rock and Secure Foundation. Pray for leaders everywhere to put on the armor of God every day and night to resist the enemy. Pray for discernment to see where the enemy is trying to get a seat at our team’s table or a foothold in our hearts. Pray for power and strength to keep him away from any tender roots of new growth in our own lives as well as the lives of our teammates and networks.

Nesting Songbirds >

Gardeners post birdhouses around their garden to attract nesting songbirds. Each birdhouse is different in order to attract a variety of birds. Every bird is unique, and they feed upon various types of pests in the garden. Not only do the birds ensure the garden soils are free of pests, but they also fill the air with beautiful songs and nest to lay eggs.

Pray for leaders and teams to preempt spiritual attacks by developing safeguards. The atmosphere of Great Commission leadership is spiritual warfare. Our Father designed us to flourish within an ecosystem of many spiritual gifts equally valued. Let us seek the fullness and balance of God’s kingdom flowing through our teamwork. Does each person on my team have a voice? Are my teammates free to share their hearts and expose potential dangers that will impact the future of our mission? Pray for teams to work together in unity and wisdom. Cultivate a landscape of freedom, honesty, and grace.

Seasons Prayer >

Abba Father, you are the King of all days, Potter of our destinies, Shepherd and Overseer of our souls, and Author and Gardener of our faith. We look to you Trustworthy Friend to lead, guide, and direct our every step and decision through the changing tides of our lifetimes. We surrender to you afresh today as we listen to your voice, discern your will, and follow you by faith in Jesus’ name, Amen. Glory! Halleluyah! Hosanna! Maranatha!


Purpose > We are all about freedom in the Holy Spirit. 

Motto > Freedom is never free, freedom is always fragile, and freedom is worth the fight. So, handle freedom with care.

Vision > Fixing our eyes on Jesus Christ, overflowing with his kingdom life.

Maranatha Vision Project > teaching disciples how to journey in Jesus’ freedom.

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