Falling Walls Mission News

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Falling Walls Mission News

A Month of Hills and Valleys

Hello family!

We are a little late on our newsletter this month as we get in the groove of sending out a monthly letter to all of you!  This month has been quite the roller coaster for us.  We began the month with a trip to Brandon MS to see our friends and ministry partners Kim and Dennis Rowlen.  We first met them in October of 2018 when they came out to Nashville to meet us and the Blazing Trees family.  Ever since we have been trying to plan a trip to go see them and their Life Group.

We were finally able to make that happen this month and connected with them on super bowl weekend.  They treated us to some of the best Catfish I have ever eaten, and introduced us to a wonderful group of people in their Lifegroup.  Their hearts for people, and for the gospel were so evident and we were blessed to meet and get to know their group.  We had a fantastic weekend with them and their group and visiting Crossgates Church.  We are currently planning a joint ministry event with them at The Vistas here in Nashville later this year.

Two weeks after we got back from Brandon on a Saturday morning we were waking up and getting ready for our Saturday morning prayer meeting in our home.  The power kicked off, so we began looking to see if a breaker had blown.  When we looked out our door to see if the whole building was without power we found that the power meter right outside of our door was on fire.  We set off the fire alarm and called the fire department.  We also began knocking on our neighbors doors and evacuating the building.

The fire department came very quickly and nobody was hurt.  The fire stayed contained to the electrical closet and didn’t damage any apartments.  However, for the next 12 days we remained without power.  No lights, no heat, no hot water, no power.  If I’m honest, at first we questioned what in the world god was doing.  We were grateful for the fire not being worse, if the fire would have happened just a few hours earlier it could have taken the entire building and even the lives held within.

But how were we supposed to minister to a community that we could barely live in?  Over those twelve days god introduced us to neighbors we had never to meet, beginning relationships that we believe god will work through.  He strengthened our relationship with those in the office at The Vistas and he provided for us in a way that only he could.  We are ever grateful to our church and Blazing trees family for their support and prayers through those twelve days.  Over that time we showered, and stayed warm at our church up the road, and piled on a few extra blankets at home where we slept at night, all the while remembering those sharing the gospel in far less hospitable places.

We continue to see god teach us in new ways who he is and what it means to follow him.  We have been surrounded by him and our kingdom family through both the highs and the lows.  God has proven himself faithful and has never left us alone.  We continue to share in both his suffering and his glory through this wonderful mission he has named Falling Walls.  We love you all and covet your prayers as god ministers to the Vistas, the Wallans included.

Grace and Peace,

The Wallans


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