Blasphemy Verdict Bible Story

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Easter Stories

Blasphemy Verdict Story 

Matthew 26:57-68

False Trial – soldier, Jesus, priest, chains – Let me tell you a story about Jesus being unfairly accused of blasphemy at a false trial at night by all the religious leaders who hated him.

Temple Destruction – temple, hammer – Many false witnesses accused Jesus of lies. Two witnesses said Jesus planned to destroy the Jerusalem temple and rebuild it.

Heaven Vision – vision, cloud, king – The high priest demanded that Jesus tell them his identity. Jesus shared a vision: they would see him at God’s right hand in heaven.

Blasphemy Verdict – torn robe – The high priest tore his robe and judged Jesus’ testimony as blasphemy. They said he was worthy of death. They spit on him and beat him.

Storyteller Discipleship

The following activities will help you remember the story, apply wisdom to your own life, and tell the story to others.

  • Pray. Listen to the story. Draw the story.
  • Tell the story with the drawings.
  • Draw your own pictures to illustrate the story.
  • Pray and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal wisdom in the story.
  • Pray. What is the Holy Spirit asking you to do next?
  • Go and tell the story to someone. Discuss the story.
  • Disciple others to become Spirit-filled storytellers.


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