2019 Easter Stories 1-3

easter stories 1-3

Greetings beloved family and friends!

Our 2019 Easter celebrations are approaching soon, and our Blazing Trees resource development team has been working hard to create an innovative discipleship resource for telling Jesus’ stories to our family, friends, and those who have never heard. He is risen!

Over the next four weeks, I will send you the stories we chose for our “Jesus Saves” Passion week set. All of these resources along with prayer videos, storytelling videos, and prayer cards will be available for download on our new Easter page > blazingtrees.org/easter

I hope and pray that you will enjoy and spread the word about these Easter storytelling resources.

Much love and grace,

James Harvey, Founder/CEO, Blazing Trees

isaiah 53 - master of sorrows

World Savior – earth, cross, Jesus, crown, stars – Let me tell you a story about an ancient prophet who foresaw Jesus’ suffering 700 years before he was born.

Punished Prince – man, rod, servant – Isaiah prophesied that God’s Messiah would come to earth with humility. He would be rejected and punished by angry men.

Slaughtered Lamb – lamb, servant, knife – Jesus would be like a slain lamb sacrifice. He would endure great suffering and shed his blood to pay for our sins.

Exalted King – sword, king, humbled man – God’s will was to send Jesus to suffer and die, and then exalt him as a Righteous King worthy to rule in Heaven.

john 12 - triumphant arrival master

David’s Descendant – king, road, city – Let me tell you a story about how Jesus came to Jerusalem celebrated by the people as king and descendant of King David.

Warm Welcome – man, woman, palm branches – A crowd met Jesus as he entered Jerusalem. They waved palm branches and welcomed him as Israel’s king.

Zechariah’s Prophecy – Jesus on donkey – Jesus fulfilled the prophet Zechariah’s prophecy that God’s Messiah would enter Jerusalem riding on a young donkey.

Messiah Signs – Jesus, Lazarus, empty tomb – The crowd celebrated Jesus because he raised Lazarus from the dead, and the religious leaders became jealous.

temple cleansing master

Corrupted Temple – Jesus & temple – Let me tell you a story about how Jesus came to the Jerusalem temple and discovered spiritual sickness and financial corruption.

Financial Reform – Jesus, money table, coins – Jesus overturned the money exchange tables. He was angry that God’s people were charging visitors money to worship.

Spiritual Reform – caged dove, table, chair – The caged dove illustrates spiritual corruption, suppressing the work of the Holy Spirit. Jesus wanted everyone to worship freely.

Prayer House – woman, temple, flame – Jesus wanted to lead God’s people back to the heart of worship: to praise God and to pray. Israel had lost her knowledge of God.

blazing trees easter 2019

2019 Easter Missions Offering


We are raising $100,000 to support missions.

What will this offering provide for?

  1. Monthly support for our full-time & part-time staff
  2. Development of a new discipleship book “Wild Frontier”
  3. Intercessory prayer for overseas missionaries
  4. Spiritual recovery counseling for discouraged leaders
  5. Encouragement for pastors and church planters
  6. Coaching on storytelling for disciple makers

Please join us in praying for this offering. Please spread the word along to others about this offering.

risen jesus.PNG

Risen Jesus Prayer Video

Our prayer team has published an Easter missions prayer video entitled “Risen Jesus.” Please enjoy and share.

Click to Watch


Blazing Trees is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Nashville, TN that innovates mission resources and provides prayer, encouragement, and coaching to leaders and their teams scattered across the nations.

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