Immanuel Prophecy Story Video

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We hope you enjoy drawing the first story in our Immanuel’s Advent story series.

We have developed 12 Nativity stories for you to share with others as the Holy Spirit guides you.

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Immanuel Prophecy Story – Isaiah 7:10-16

  • David’s House: house, crown, rod & staff, stars – The virgin birth prophecy was spoken to David’s family.
  • Isaiah & Ahaz: prophet & king – God spoke through the prophet Isaiah to King Ahaz about Jesus’ birth.
  • Messiah Sign: virgin & baby – The sign of Israel’s Messiah is a virgin giving birth to a child named Immanuel.
  • Promised Victory: sword & crowns – Before the Messiah’s birth, Israel’s two enemies would be defeated.


The Storytellers Bible project is an innovative resource for Bible storytelling. We believe that all anyone needs to make disciples is God’s presence and power through the indwelling Holy Spirit and the stories of the Bible.

This project is supported by many generous givers just like you.

Thanks for watching, and thank you so much for all the love, prayers, and generosity.


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