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We have a beloved friend who tried to commit suicide a couple weeks ago. Through Jesus’ powerful grace, our friend was saved, he was rescued and delivered, and now he is worshipping Jesus and following him with fresh faith and renewed perseverance as the Holy Spirit guides him through each new day.

Because Jesus is our Resurrection King, we are born again. Because God is our Beloved Father, we are his sons and daughters. Because the Holy Spirit is our Compassionate Companion, we are his friends. Because our Father is our Ancient of Days, we are heirs of his dominion.

Because Jesus is our Salvation Messiah, we are priests of the nations. Because Jesus is Heaven’s Door, we are his ambassadors, his heralds to all those wandering and searching for the Truth.


The Seraphim River project is an initiative of Blazing Trees to innovate resources for prayer and worship, and this project is supported by many generous people just like you.

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