2018 Blazing Trees T-shirts

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>> bonfire.com/blazing-trees-2018-t-shirt <<

We have created a great v-neck summer t-shirt.

Colors: black, charcoal, navy, & white 

This promotional campaign features our 2018 logo in our first t-shirt printing ever! We invite you to get a shirt for yourself and gift one for a friend. Every shirt includes a $2 donation to support our mission work.

Our logo is a Blazing Tree. This name comes from two Bible passages: the burning bush in  Exodus 3, and the healing trees in Ezekiel 47. 

The roots illustrate how our lives are grounded in the good soils of God’s Word. The tree illustrates our strength in Christ, that we are strong because we abide in him. The fruit illustrates our passions and spiritual gifts, how the Holy Spirit helps us bring God glory through  our worship and witness. The flame is the anointing of the Holy Spirit’s power, that he is within us and upon us to set captives free.

We are Blazing Trees: followers of Jesus at rest in his love and filled with his Spirit on mission to unreached peoples worldwide! #maranatha

> bonfire.com/blazing-trees-2018-t-shirt <

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