Enter My Rest Story – Hebrews 4

enter my rest master


After Jesus sent out seventy-two of his disciples on mission teams into local villages, they returned with joy, reporting that demons submitted to their authority. Though they were excited to witness signs and wonders of Christ’s advancing kingdom, Jesus gently warned them not to delight in miracles, but instead to ground their joy in salvation and eternal life. (Luke 10:17-20) We are all just like our ancestors: prone to wander and quick to forge our own destiny apart from our Messiah. (Isaiah 53:6)

The master art illustrates the battle between self and surrender. In the west, the people of Israel reject the rest of God. Moses parts the Red Sea with his staff and Joshua leads the nation by a pillar of blazing fire. Both leaders modeled restful faith in the Lord while the nation they led eventually rejected God’s glorious rest. The dead tree along the path leading away from restful pastures illustrates this rejection. The Father’s hand in the north is a barrier preventing the people from entering his rest because of their lack of faith and obedience.

In the south, Jesus stands upon the Father’s hand as our Great Shepherd leading the people out of striving and spiritual exhaustion, over the Father’s blessing bridge, and into the green pastures and quiet, living waters of his abundant grace. Families relax carefree by the river of the Holy Spirit flowing from heaven to earth who helps all God’s children experience him in loving communion and refreshing peace.

The cherubim angel stands guard between our King’s sabbath pastureland and the warrior dragon who seeks day and night to deceive God’s people and force them into chains of bondage to the law of righteous works or signs and wonders obsession. The sword in the center pierces each of our hearts illustrating how Jesus shines his light into our darkness, exposes the intentions and motives of our thoughts, speech, and decisions, and leads us to fully surrender all we have and all we desire unto him.

enter my rest sketches banner

Enter My Rest Story Sketches

Sketch #1: Open door & river – This sketch is the story logo. This sketch illustrates God’s creation of a special, sanctified place of rest for us to enter in and receive.

Sketch #2: Cloud & dawn – This sketch illustrates God modeling sabbath rest for his people. He created everything in six days, and then set apart the seventh day for rest.

Sketch #3: Crown, barrier, & heart – This sketch illustrates a person rejecting God’s command to rest. We do not only listen to him, we also love, obey, and enjoy his Spirit.

Sketch #4: Sword & heart – This sketch illustrates Jesus Christ as God’s Word. His truth and resurrection life penetrates our hearts, reveals sin, and sets us free!

enter my rest art

enter my rest sketches banner

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