Greater Glory Video

greater glory video

Prophecy +>

My beloved sons and daughters, the apple orchards of my eyes: seek with all your hearts my greater glory.

The world will offer you glory and power on your own, and you can live what seems like a successful and fruitful life without me. You can have a good career, a purpose driven life, a household full of children and grandchildren, and a legacy of kindness and charity apart from me.

I did not create you to live without me.

I AM God of All The Earth. The stars shine because I give them light. The sun rises because I call it forth. The oceans move because I stir them up. The rains fall because I open up the heavens. The soil brings forth fruit because I bless the earth I created.

I AM your Good Shepherd. I know what is best for my flock, and I see beyond what my sheep need today to the full journey of their entire lives, and the waves of generations beyond until the end.

I know how to equip you with everything you need for completing my holy will and fulfilling your destiny. I know how to orchestrate greater glory for myself, because I cultivated mankind to praise my name. Yet today, billions of my children have yet to even hear my name before they can worship my name.

To seek my greater glory is to surrender your plans and repent of your idols, to sit at my feet, silence your speech, and listen to my voice. I do not shout. The noise of your generation multiplies, and as you have more and more access to the whole world, you face a greater challenge than ever before, to forsake this age’s delights, and rest in my green pastures and beside my quiet waters.

Take heart, my friends, because I have overcome this world, and remember that I am with you day and night even to the end of this age. I will never leave you, I will never forsake you, and nothing can ever separate you from my love. My salvation work is finished, and this good news of eternal freedom is spreading all over the world even now.

I AM your Keeper, I hold onto you and will never let go. When life is hard, when every one seems to reject you, when every door appears to close, when you feel alone and forgotten, remember me, and enter into my rest that I have set aside just for you to find hope, the anchor of joy for your suffering souls.

Seek my greater glory, my beloved children. Set apart time, as you go, to listen. My Spirit of Truth is always speaking, revealing what is on my heart, guiding and counseling you in the path I have prepared and set before you. Let striving cease, replaced with patient endurance, courageous faith, and a fountain of joy bursting forth from deep wells drawing from pure springs of living water.

Believe me, and live abundantly forever.

Passages +>

1 Kings 19 reveals God’s voice as a Gentle Whisper.

The world famous Elijah, one of the greatest prophets of all time, wanted to die. He became afraid and fled for his life and asked God to take him away from the chaos and evil of his day.

So, God visited him, but he was not in the windstorm, or the earthquake, or the blazing fire. God spoke to his servant in a gentle whisper. Let us be still and quiet, and listen for our Heavenly Father’s voice speaking to our hearts and revealing his desires for our lives.

2 Samuel 22 reveals God as Heaven’s Warrior and our Salvation Tower.

Did you know God can ride a cherubim angel like a flying horse and fire lightning bolts like hidden arrows? Who is this King of Glory? He is the Lord, our Rock and our Fortress, our Deliverer and our Mountain Refuge, our Shield and Salvation Horn, our Stronghold and our Salvation Tower.

When we are in distress and overwhelmed with despair, let us run straight into his presence, and find rest for our souls within his victorious love.

1 Corinthians 1 and 2 reveal Jesus Christ as Heavenly Kingdom Wisdom.

All you have to do to see glory on earth is watch a sunrise or sunset, hold a newborn baby, or fall in love. Our vision is not for the glory and riches of this fading earth or troubled age.

Our vision is for the Pioneer and Perfecter of Faith, our Anointed Advocate, the Gate to Zion City, the Bridge to Eternal Life; Jesus Messiah, the Living Wisdom of God’s Heavenly Kingdom.

Prayer +>

Yes, Father, I praise you and thank you for the freedom I have received because of Christ’s sacrifice for my selfish rebellion. I have sinned, precious Lord, and in this dry place of crushing death, you sent your Anointed Advocate to take my punishment, and he paid the price in full!

Oh praise the One who paid my debts, and raised this life up from the grave. Hallelujah to my Mountain Refuge, the Living Wisdom of Zion’s Glory King.

I am tired, Master. I am worn out and poured out and empty, a valley of dry bones, a dry river bed, a desert without rain, a dark valley without sunshine. You see me lost in my needs and call me by name and raise me up to eternal life. What words can I speak to express my joy at this miraculous deliverance?

Forgive me, Father, when my eyes leave your face, and I begin to trust in myself, desire the world, and embrace the fleeting promises of my tempter. He masquerades as a loving, generous friend and seduces me with worldly delights. Sometimes what he offers looks good at first, and I may even taste the first fruits of his kingdom’s treasures, but they do not satisfy my soul, God.

You are the Pioneer of my faith, you are the Perfecter of my loyalty. How can it be that you have cloaked me in righteousness and baptized me in holiness? I am unworthy, and confess my complete desperation for your daily intervention in every area of life and decision I make.

I run to you, Shield of my Soul. I hide myself behind your protection, my Salvation Tower Stronghold. You are faithful to provide all I need. You are faithful to protect me from the enemy’s attacks. You are faithful to meet me wherever I am in any season. You are faithful to help me stand up underneath even the heaviest burdens and cast them down at your feet.

My Resurrection King, please pour out your living wisdom upon me. I trust you with all my heart, and I renew my covenant to be a living sacrifice for you, holy and pleasing in your sight.

Create in me a clean heart, restore to me the joy of my salvation, and renew a loyal spirit within me. I will sing your praises unto the ends of the earth, and I surrender my life to follow you wherever you want me to go.

May my life reflect the greater glory of your coming kingdom, in Jesus’ name I pray, amen. So be it.


Thanks for listening, and thank you for all the love, prayers, and support.

Let’s keep making healthy disciples in every nation until there’s No Place Left.

greater glory

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